The Futurological Model

Foundations of an Artificial Intelligence System Integrating the Scientific Knowledge of Humankind

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In this book, we explore whether it could be possible to build a futurological model, a predictive model of the world that may be used to forecast the most important trends of the future, by leveraging the advances in data science, machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence. This futurological model should integrate the scientific knowledge of humankind, starting probably with the lower levels of physics, chemistry, biology, and neuroscience, before working on the higher levels of psychology, sociology, economics, and politics. We focus on a few core ideas, such as levels of organization, complex adaptive systems, and evolution, highlight the importance of improving our understanding of the human brain, and suggest that building a futurological model might be the natural horizon of scientific research. Eventually, we propose the first steps of a plan that might lead to a working futurological model, and discuss the possible implications for the human civilization.


1. Foundation, 2. Levels of Organization, 3. Complex Adaptive Systems, 4. Evolution, 5. Major Transitions in Evolution, 6. Strategist Brain, 7. Civilization, 8. Futurology

Maël Donoso

Ph.D. in Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience

While terrestrial life and intelligence might eventually expand beyond Earth, the objective of the human civilization has never been to stand the test of space. From the beginning, the objective of the human civilization has always been to stand the test of time.

The Futurological Model, Chapter 8